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Unitec Early Learning Centre Philosophy

Aroha is love, it is the life-force of our learning community. 

At Unitec Early Learning Centre Inc., we recognise tamariki (children) as unique people in their own right, each valued and respected for who they are. Committed Kaiako (teachers) build relationships that embody the values of integrity, compassion and care, to create a foundation of trust. Tamariki are empowered to learn and grow through meaningful, play-based learning opportunities within our beautiful open and natural spaces.

(Whanaungatanga) Relationships between tamariki, whanau (family) and Kaiako weave a strong base to support growing confidence in risk taking, with the knowledge that they are safe to explore this home away from home. We extend these relationships to include Papatuanuku, our Unitec whanau, and respect for all who walk with us.

Kaiako are attuned to, and respond sensitively to, the needs, drives and ways of learning for tamariki, providing opportunities to develop confidence to try new things, persist and allow curiosity and free expression to be part of their every day. Intentional teaching allows Kaiako to seek deeper connections and an understanding of our tamariki and their whanau, so they are listened to and know they lead their own learning journey.




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our curriculum


At Unitec Early Learning Centre Inc. (UELC), we strive to provide a play based curriculum while also recognising the importance of preparing tamariki (children) for different stages of their development, and their journey to School. Our environment allows tamariki to move freely and explore their interests in more depth. Our Kaiako (teachers) focus on the interests and learning patterns expressed by tamariki, to provide opportunities that effectively support their learning.

Important skills such as early reading, writing and mathematics are naturally woven into the curriculum, ensuring tamariki are learning at their own pace.

We are committed to assessing the learning of tamariki through a holistic lens. Our Kaiako will observe and assess learning while being engaged in play, and identify and implement opportunities that support both the individual, and collective needs of all tamariki. Each tamaiti (child) is given their own portfolio (learning journal) that they carry through their time here with us. This documentation allows us to share, with tamariki and their whanau, the progression of learning over their time here. We also use StoryPark, an online portfolio system, so that learning can be shared with extended whanau, and whanau have the opportunity to share information about their tamaiti with us.

Te Whāriki (the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum) is the foundation of our learning and assessment, and is embedded in our teaching practice. This is a unique document to New Zealand.

Such a wonderful place for our daughter to explore, learn and grow.